The new English ToBI Homepage

Relevant sites for learning about English ToBI include:
  1. The Original Guidelines for ToBI Labelling
    The files for the original Guidelines for ToBI Labelling (The English ToBI Labelling Guide) are still being hosted at the original English ToBI website.

  2. The New ToBI Tutorial
    Located at MIT's OpenCourseWare, this is a new resource for learning to label American English prosody with ToBI. To read a brief description of the tutorial, visit the Tutorial information page.

  3. References and research involving ToBI
    This preliminary list is a work in progress. If you know of research or publications that use or discuss ToBI that are not listed, please let us know, and we will happily add them to the list.

  4. 2004 Workshop on ToBI for Spontaneous Speech
    Information about the NSF-funded workshop held at Simmons College in 2004, and its associated discussion forum.

supported by NSF

Other prosody resources:
  • Information on research relating to TCoG (Tonal Center of Gravity) can be found at the BU-MIT-Simmons Prosody Lab website.
  • November, 2008 update: Poster from the November 2008 ASA meeting:

    "Alternatives to F0 turning points in American English intonation," by Jonathan Barnes, Nanette Veilleux, Alejna Brugos and Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel [pdf]

  • September, 2009 update Poster from the September workshop on Prosody and Meaning, Barcelona

    "Perceptual Robustness of the Tonal Center of Gravity for Contour Classification" by Nanette Veilleux, Jon Barnes, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel and Alejna Brugos[pdf]

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