Human-computer interaction and speech synthesis has always been an active field of inquiry due to the computational aspects of human speech modeling being central to computer science by creating computer models of a complex information system (human language). Prosody remains underspecified and is what this project hopes to help define.

This research extends the work of the MIT Speech Communcations Group in its efforts to define prosody and its effect on the perception of verbal communication, particularly in the context of pitch contours. Specifically, this project investigates the !H+H* contour, which remains relatively unexplored.

CREU at Simmons

CREU aims to provide research experience to undergraduates who are qualified computer scientists but may face discrimination in the CS field. Past Simmons research projects through CREU have investigated human gesture using a newly developed annotation method; an analysis of the way pitch contour is perceived; and an improved natural language interface for course registration.

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